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Getting To The Point At Otterbein University

The Point at Otterbein University network and video wall ICS

A CTL wholly owned subsidiary, Industrial Communication and Sound (ICS) in Columbus, has completed a project that brings engineering students together with practicing engineers.





The Point at Otterbein University is a first of its kind facility.  It’s the place where education, industry, and research meet.  Not only are ideas generated here, but they are brought to fruition.  The Point is one of the most innovative and unique aspects of Central Ohio and is an advanced makers space in the mid-west.  Here, engineering students have the opportunity to work alongside practicing engineers.  Woodworking, metalworking, robotics and 3-D printing are only a few of the skills that can be learned and practiced here.


Industrial Communication and Sound (ICS) helped to make this facility state-of-the-art. We installed a Crestron brand AV over IP network.  This type of network allows the end-user to turn on displays, dim lights, and lower window shades all at the push of a button.  With multiple displays and input locations in a single room, students can collaborate in small groups or with the entire class.

The piece de resistance is the 3×3 video wall located in the event forum.  The video wall is a high-tech way to share information such as sound, pictures, videos, or digital signage to large groups of people.  With the wireless microphone system that is integrated into the network, every person can have a voice.

At ICS, we are proud when our work can support education and community.

To learn more about this facility, check out their SITE

Want to see The Point in action?  Watch the video HERE

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