A Letter From CK Satyapriya: Winter 2019


Mahatma Gandhi, a nonviolent activist, and leader identified the seven deadly sins.  They are meant to be a guide to model one’s actions. If a company compromises their ethics, they stand to lose their client’s trust. Read more!



We do some pretty good things! Department Managers and Branch Managers give WOW points to employees who they feel deserves extra recognition. These employees go above and beyond their call of duty to provide excellent service to their clients and coworkers.

How CTL Responds to Virginia’s Geotechnical Engineering Needs

virginia soil

CTL Engineering continues to expand in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area and the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. We enjoy bringing our geotechnical engineering & inspection and testing expertise to this unique region. As Virginia grows, so too does the construction demand for buildings and highways around the state – both in inland […]

How Improper Building Waterproofing Leads to Building Envelope Failures


When moisture penetrates the building envelope during construction or occupancy, it can cause extensive damage. Many times, water penetration is due to faulty installation, improper construction, or the use of unsuitable materials. Ultimately, the design team is responsible for having the expertise and knowledge to create construction design documents that reflect a properly waterproofed building. […]

3 Common Chemical Analysis Tests


While the effects of improper water testing may have received the most media attention this year, the lack of other kinds of testing may also be a contributing factor to numerous environmental and regulatory compliance issues. Water contamination problems have continuously dominated headlines in cities like Flint and Kalamazoo, Michigan. In addition, this year Florida […]

CTL Engineering Promotes Architect, Mikel Coulter


CTL is excited to announce the promotion of Architect, Mikel Coulter, to Department Manager. In his role as Department Manager of the Building Envelope and Roof Engineering Services in CTL’s Columbus, OH office, Mikel will bring his vast architectural knowledge to the department.

Program of Innovation for Excellence (PIE) Update

Pie with Pi Symbol CTL Engineering Program of Innovation for Excellence CTL Engineering

CTL’s PIE program is about new ideas. Employee-owners submit innovative ideas that improve efficiency, productivity, and increase our bottom line. See which employee-owners had great ideas and who won the $500 first prize!