CTL Engineering Makes Gift to OSU to Bring Back Engineering Lab for Students

OSU students will now have a new engineering lab The more we invest in students the brighter our future.  Civil engineering students at The Ohio State University will gain hands-on geotechnical experience thanks to a $200,000 gift from CTL Engineering and its President and CEO C.K. Satyapriya. The generous gift establishes the CTL Engineering Lab in […]

Why Experience Matters in Asbestos Abatement Projects

Here at CTL Engineering, the first question we get from clients is, “How soon can you get it done?” We understand why. The unexpected discovery of asbestos slams the brakes on renovation or demolition projects. Within hours, managers are facing immense pressure to limit delays and costs, keep people safe, avoid litigation, and get back […]

What you should know about asbestos

Asbestos lurking behind the walls or ceiling is an unwelcome discovery for any contractor or building owner. It can bring any renovation/demolition project to a screeching halt in order to protect workers and occupants from exposure to this hazardous material. That’s why performing a thorough asbestos survey as a first step is crucial to the […]

A Letter From CK Satyapriya: Winter 2018

A favorite book that I always come back to and recommend to others is, “Who Moved My Cheese”.  It advises us to stay alert and pay attention to change. Read more!


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