NonDestructive Testing

We have used advanced laboratory and field techniques to NDT test many materials and products for over 50 years.

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CTL Engineering non-destructive testing
CTL Engineering product testing

Product Testing

CTL Engineering provides independent third-party testing of a wide range of products to evaluate design, performance and safety features.

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Chemistry Lab

The chemists at CTL Engineering are equipped to perform complete chemical analyses on many substances and materials for a variety of applications.

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CTL Engineering chemistry lab
CTL Engineering metallurgical lab


CTL Engineering’s metallographers, technicians and engineers combine technical consulting with laboratory testing to perform everything from routine analysis to solving a broad range of sophisticated problems.

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Construction Materials Lab

We provide analytical services to the construction industry by analyzing substances such as aggregates, soils, concretes, asphalts, and many more.

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CTL Engineering construction materials lab
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Columbus – Corporate Headquarters
2860 Fisher Road
Columbus, OH 43204, U.S.A.
+1 614-276-8123

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