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Fall Issue 2010 Newsletter

CTL and Energy Conservation

By Mikel Coulter, AIA

It’s a well understood fact that the cost of energy is going up every year.  This is true for all sources; gas, electricity, sewer and water.  For the past 18 months CTL Engineering has been researching and implementing various ways in which to save energy.  In partnership with AEP, Columbus completed a lighting upgrade project where we changed to more energy efficient lamps and ballasts which resulted in about a 75% savings in energy as related to lighting costs.  Other areas where we can all contribute is to purchase equipment, instruments, computers, monitors, copiers, etc that come with an Energy Star rating.  For example, an Energy Star rated computer is approximately 75% more efficient than one that does not have the rating.  Also, when purchasing any consumable product, try to select something that has been manufactured with recycled materials or content.

Other more common sense ways where we can save energy is to turn off your office light if you are going to be gone for more than a few minutes.  A thought to keep in mind:  If it runs on electricity and you aren’t using it, turn it off!  Another important way is to maintain the equipment we have.  By properly maintaining the equipment we have today, it makes it more energy efficient and increases its lifespan.  An example of this would be to change the air filters in the mechanical equipment and to clean return air registers of the collected dust.  A project that we are very excited about is that during the month of December, CTL in Columbus will be installing a 47KwH solar panel array on one of our roofs, more about that to come next month.

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